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Embark Challenges

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Looking for some dog models!!!

(Durham Region, Northumberland, Kawartha, Clarington

and some areas of the GTA)

I am taking on the Embark Photo Challenges through Unleashed Education and I need some four-legged, well trained, models for this.

There are 12 different challenges over the next six months, from mid-May to mid-October. These Challenges will be exciting for me and for your dog. Photographers are constantly working on ways to improve our craft and doing challenges such as these, is a great way to do it.

Ideally, I will require well trained dogs for these challenges. Having dogs with solid training allows me to concentrate on being creative and not worry about spending extra time wrangling the dog.

To give you an idea of what I'm looking to create for, these are the challenges...


  1.  Colouriffic: (May 12 – May 25) The use of a single bold colour or multiple colour background.

  2.  Get Down: (May 26 – June 8) Photographing from a very low angle.

  3.  Composition: (June 9 – June 22) Use of symmetry in the photo.

  4.  Dogscapes: (June 23 – July 6) Using landscape as the prominent feature but the dog is still the main subject.

  5.  Up Ups: (July 7 – July 20) Photographing the dog elevated, up on an object.

  6.  Soul Searcher: (July 21 – August 3) Photographing down, from a high angle.

  7.  City Slicker: (August 4 – August 17) Urban feel using structures.

  8.  Front Runner: (August 18 – August 31) Running towards the camera.

  9.  Say What: (September 1 - September 14) The doggie head tilt.

  10.  Glow-Up: (September 15 – September 28) Dog is backlit at the Golden Hour.

  11.  Splash: (September 29 – October 12) Interaction with water. (may not be in the province for this one. Might have to do some Dog Spotting for this one)

  12.  Party Time: (October 13 - October 26) Play time with a toy or other dogs.




If you are interested, there will be an application form for you to fill out.

I will go through the applications and choose the pets that I think are most suitable to the challenges. I will then email you to discuss a location and a date to suit us both for the photo session.

From the photo session, I will choose an image that I think meets the challenge and submit that to Unleashed Education. The facilitators then provide me with feedback and whether the image made the top 10 best, for that challenge.

If the submitted photo makes the top 10, your pet’s photo will be featured on their social media and website.

There are about 50 other photographers doing these challenges as well as me, so it is a tough competition but it's more about learning and getting feedback to help me grow as a photographer.




The Challenge photo session will take about 30 minutes and is complimentary.


As a thank you for giving up your time, you will receive the image I choose to enter as a complimentary digital download.




Upgrade to a full 1-hour photo session, for the session fee of $150, and receive $100 credit towards product packages only (Just Digitals Package, Wall Art or Table Top Packages)


If you choose to upgrade, the full session fee payment needs to be made before the photo session date. 

Dog Model Application
Your Pet's Qualifications
What Challenges Are You Interested In?
Upload File
Upload File
Choose Your Session
Are you happy to pay a $100 deposit? This is to secure your spot and prevent no-shows. It will be returned upon the completion of the photo session (complimentary session), or you can use it towards extra images.

Thanks for applying! 

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